Security Policy

Cases of Fraud and identity theft are rapidly rising.  This impacts thousands of people every day. would like to assure you that we are committed to protecting you and your personal information, and also to provide you with information to help you protect yourself. Fraud schemes can take place over the phone, on the Internet, and through the mail. Criminals will use a number of techniques to gain access to your private information such as your social security, bank account, or credit card numbers. Examples:

  • An urgent message requesting updated information or your account will be closed.
  • Free or discounted offers upon providing personal information.
  • A prize notification with a redemption process that involves you providing access to your banking information.

These contacts may appear to be from a legitimate company due to copied logos and letterheads.

Fraudulent email contacts may even include links to web sites that look very much like the actual site – this practice is known as phishing. Whenever we identify suspicious activity targeting customers, we will post an alert on Fightplanet,tv. If you think you have been targeted by a phishing or fraud scheme from someone saying they represent, please forward the email or information to

Protecting your personal information is a top priority for us. Sincerely,